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What Type of

Catering Do You Need?

To-Go Bulk

We recommend this option for meals with less than 20 people. This option is easy and affordable!

Call the restaurant for pricing and more details!

Food Truck Catering

This is ideal for any big event that needs amazing food with a fun, contemporary atmosphere.

Great for grad parties, late-night snacks, or weddings!

Buffet Style Catering

This is perfect for larger events like weddings or business lunches.

Call the restaurant for pricing and more details!

Some restrictions apply.

We can custom tailor our menu to fit your budget.

Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line today for a free quote!

What’s on the Menu?


Pulled Pork
Slow-smoked pork butts seasoned with Croix Valley Memphis Dry Rub.

Brisket Sliders
Lean brisket seasoned with Croix Valley Kansas City Dry Rub and hickory smoked on the Big Green Eggs for about 12 hours.
Pig Wings
4 oz pig shank seasoned with Kansas City Dry Rub. Fall-off-the-bone-tender!


Cowboy Baked Beans
4 different beans loaded with ground beef, ground pork, and bacon all simmered and smoked in a sweet and tangy sauce.
Mac N’ Cheese
Our signature mac features Cavatapi (thick spiral) noodles in a velvety smooth cheese blend for that perfect gooey bite every time.
ABT – Jalapeno Poppers
An applewood smoked Jalapeno stuffed with Ellsworth Cheese Curds, Chorizo Sausage, wrapped with Bacon and drizzled with Croix Valley Blue-B-Que Sauce which is a Blueberry infused BBQ sauce
Signature Jalapeno Coleslaw
Hand-chopped cabbages mixed with our house slaw dressing with a zesty punch from raw, chopped onion and jalapeno
Smokehouse Potato Salad
A delicious twist on a BBQ classic! Potato Salad mixed with Croix Valley Brat N’ BBQ sauce creates an amazing flavor that will leave your guests satisfied!

Looking for Something Specific

Were you hoping for a different side than what is listed above?? Just let us know what you are looking for!

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Catering Needs


call the Restaurant at (715) 222-1299

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